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BAX presents First Weekends New Performance and Discussion -- featuring Jessica Gaynor Dance, K Johansen and Muse. Jessica Gaynor Dance presents Rhythm Studies, a collection of short dance pieces set to four of Conlon Nancarrow's Studies for Player Piano that examine the gestural relationship between musical and dance physicality. What images are conjured by hearing music, and what type of rhythms are produced internally by viewing dance? Just put it in the bag by K Johansen is a duet inspired by reading about traveling sideshows in the early 20th century and thinking about how society deals with "abnormalities" that are immediately, physically apparent versus our reactions to deviations hidden in the deep recesses of the psyche. Christopher K. Morgan's new company Muse will be premiering his latest work Mending Wall, based on Robert Frost's poem of the same name and set to an original score by musical collaborator Monstah Black. Dramatic costumes unfurl into webs while a low stone wall is constructed onstage. Images combine with text to explore the structure and metaphor of walls.

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