First Weekends New Performance And Discussion Series 2007

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$15.00 General; $10.00 Members; $8.00 Low-Income

About This Show

Nationally recognized for championing the arts in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Arts Exchange begins 2007 with its First Weekends New Performance And Discussion Series. Following the performances, patrons have the opportunity to stay for post-show discussions with the artists.

January 12 & 13 at 8:00pm

Faye Driscoll’s newest work explores fissures in reality and the fine line between individuals. Inspired by awkward, sloppy, contradictory beauty in human interaction, this work-in-progress hits on vulnerable nerves delivered in smartly made self-conscious packages. Her fast paced, twitchy language is virtuosic in its ability to identify and connect us to the sweet “ugly-beauty” of living.

Three Women, choreographed by Barbara Mahler, is a journey in the language of movement through vague and pieced together memories of the travels and wanderings of a people. Simple groupings, juxtaposed with fierce bursts of individuality provide a view into layers of thought, and experiences. The stories of these women are at the same time individual and the same.

In One to Three by Amber Sloan, the notion of a “helping hand” is challenged when the desire for comfort turns a tender clasp into a suffocating grip. A choreographic threat weaves together a solo, duet, and trio while fracturing the possibility of a coherent support system. It is rich with subtext on the human condition’s want for constant contact and gratification in conjunction with our need for distance and space.

February 2 & 3 at 8:00pm

In APPROPRIATION/approach-fag-nation, queer performance artist Michael Burke presents an edgy, provocative and fun exploration of the current perils and pitfalls of the LGBT rights movement. This multi-disciplinary piece addresses the gay marriage debate, the mainstream media’s bizarre portrayals of queer life, and sex.

Jessica Cerullo presents Miracle Tomato, part history of tomato cultivation and part history of the Agnoloti family. Angelina Agnoloti is an Italian American who weaves a colorful tale of her two sisters, arson and a journey home and back again to Greenville, Rhode Island.

Nami Yamamoto’s new piece a howling flower explores an intricate duality of being. Five performers and one puppet detach and attach to the world that they exist in to let a howling flower bloom.

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Dates: Opening Night: January 12, 2007 Final Performance: February 3, 2007