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One man's quest to get out of the closet and through airport security without compromising his individuality or his man-purse, Finding Ways to Prove You're Not an Al-Quaeda Terrorist When You're Brown (and other stories of the gIndian) is presented as part of HERE's supported artist program. In a one-man performance filled with wily grandmothers, paranoid airport employees, and the butch lesbians of Mumbai, Finding Ways travels the globe in search of what it means to be gay, Indian, American, brown...and short. Writer/Performer Snehal Desai plays Akash, a gay Indian, struggling with one of the biggest taboos in the Southasian culture - sexuality. Akash takes us from rural Nebraska to the throbbing clubs of London, and finally the rooftops of India, serving as our guide across the rocky terrain on the path to self-discovery.

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