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Screaming Venus Productions presents Eve's Apple: A Festival of One-Person Shows. SERIES A: January 13, 24, 30, February 2 at 7:30pm + January 26 at 3:00pm Autopsy written by Lisa D?Amour; directed by Amantha May; performed by Monica Sirignano "Every now and then, when she thinks of herself as female, she draws a blank." Amid photographs inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, part three of 3 MUTANTS, an experimental trilogy about mutant girls, juxtaposes a femme fatale in a state of crisis against the autopsy of a baby girl born without a brain. Is This Burning written by Dana Lang; directed by Anthony R. Brown; performed by Alyssa Simon How does a young woman in the throes of her own sexual revolution react to a world of feminist dogma, male rule-making and the music of the ever-popular Bangles? Getting wet is good place to start... Something Miniscule written & directed by Alison Solomon; performed by Katherine Hinchey In a distant laboratory, some God-forsaken creation tries to work, and something minuscule tries to speak: "?I'm really not comfortable with that magnetic, ionizing, radio, V, capacitance, happenstance, disintegration discharge, full-on erections or radio emission escalation. Certainly not comfortable with high frequency or state change principles -- ooh, that smarts." SERIES B: January 14, 25, 27, 31 at 7:30pm + February 2 at 3:00pm Just Jersey written & performed by Jennifer Dee; directed by Janet Amateau You may have met Dolores Bizzanti before, maybe at the mall. Perhaps she sold you your pants at T.J. Maxx. Maybe you've lied about having dated her. But rest assured you don't know the real Dolores Bizzanti. She of the hungry heart, the social climbing, and the boss CD collection, is about to bust out of the mall and taste the celebrity she?s yearned for. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Midnight Ruby written by John Hanshe; directed by Jason Hale; performed by Erin Walls In a struggle with the dangerous allure of her obsession, Ruby attempts to reconcile her recent fate - exacerbated by terrifying and intoxicating acts - by reminiscing of her past. Together Again written & performed by Melissa Zane Miles; directed by Daniel Asher A woman contemplates life, death, and the conversations she's never had. Until now. SERIES C: January 15, 26, February 1, 3 at 7:30pm + January 27 at 3:00pm Eat Rice! written by Monica Sirignano; co-directed by Monica Sirignano & Daniel Asher; performed by Nicole Higgins If you?ve come here seeking. If you?ve come here seeking a bowl of rice. Fluffy. Sticky. White. Rice? Scientific instruction: The subject? Propaganda. Discussion? Madness. Function? Useless. If you?ve come here seeking a bowl of rice, you?ve come to the wrong place. Ascending Bodily conceived & performed by Margaret Cino; directed by Dov Weinstein A storyteller?s kinetic, comic romp through a magically realistic world where geography morphs, the ultimate romance disappears under mysterious circumstances and teeny, tiny llamas are instruments of fate. A highly moving experience. The Art of Unknowing written & performed by Marena Lobosco; directed by Amanda Selwyn At whose expense freedom? An obsessive, control freak, American artist whose collection of hats contradicts her Socialist wanna-be ideals struggles to un-know the perceptions and truths that fuel her opposing sentiments: I am proud/ashamed to be American. THE WORKSHOP SHOWS: January 16 & 23 at 7:30pm Shotgun Wedding written & performed by Kevin Flynn; directed by Tony Award Winner Judith Ivey As host of ?Go For It,? an outdoor adventure show on the Discovery Channel, actor/standup-comedian Kevin Flynn was the consummate ?Go-For-It? guy: Shark dive? No problem. Bungee jump? No problem. But marriage? No way. Not ever. Never. A Window in my Cell written, directed & performed by Jessica Willis In the quest for purpose in an affluent society, a suburban college girl with everything to lose is drawn down a ruinous path before she is able to see meaning in her own life. Like a phoenix, she seeks to rise from the ashes of self-wrought destruction. SAM: Satan's A Martyr written & directed by Monica Sirignano; performed by Shashi Balooja For a small fee and a limited time only, you can purchase his exclusive guide to salvation!

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  • Location:Kraine Theater, Off-Off-Broadway