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Ekayani and the Healing Band will be performing songs from her upcoming release "FULL LENGTH" at The Bowery Poetry Club and Cafe. What's the difference between Ekayani and the Healing Band's live shows and their recordings? "You'll find that the recordings are a point of departure for the live shows. I'm not really that interested in duplicating every note - note for for note, in a live show" says Ekayani, the feminine founder, singer , songwriter and bandleader of Ekayani and the Healing Band. Her music, described as "Transcendent Alternate Fusion", is informed by an extended sojourn in Paris mixed with a New York upbringing that translates into a very personal yet sophisticated sound that uses trip- hop, blues, jazz, and experimental idioms. Throw in her sensual voice and you've got yourself a heady cocktail! She makes reference to "In My Solitude" on her tune "Blue and Gold" about a broken love affair but would she describe her music as jazz? " It does have a strong improvisational approach which keeps it fresh from show to show and I do prefer interaction within the given moment so in that sense YES- but I'd say whatever I need to get the job done I'll use!"

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