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Emerging Artists Theatre presents the Spring EATFest, comprised of nine one-acts presented three at a time. Series A Tuesdays 7:00pm Fridays 7:00pm Sundays 2:00pm Postcards from a Dead Dog Written by F.J. Harltand; directed by Troy Miller A mother and son find a way to connect through a series of postcards from their dead dog. With Jason Hare and Jacqueline Sydney. The Questioning Written by Frank Higgins; directed by Lorrel Manning A female American officer learns the ropes about the art of interrogation from a female Iraqi. With Alexandra Devin, Suzan Mikiel-Kennedy, and Danielle Quisenberry. ClapTrapp Written by Joseph Godfrey; directed by Melissa Attebery These hills are definitely alive with the sound of musicals from the entertaining Von Crapp family. With Amy Bizjak, Laura Dillman, Steve Hauck, Hershey Miller, Courter Simmons, and Christopher Voeller. Series B Wednesdays 7:00pm Saturdays 7:00pm Sundays 5:00pm Vamp Written by Ry Herman; directed by Kel Haney Love can be a pain in the neck when the woman you fall for is certifiable. With Tracee Chimo, Blanche Cholet, Philip Guerette, and Stacy Mayer. Tell Written by Rodney Lee Rogers; directed by Ian Streicher A father and daughter try to out-grift each other on where their lives are headed. With Laura Fois and Ryan Hilliard. Third Wheel Written by Monica Flory; directed by Ned Thorne Dating becomes so much more interesting when there's a third. With Erik Baker, Aimee Howard, and Claire Tyers. Series C Thursdays 7:00pm Saturdays 5:00pm Sundays 7:00pm My Name is Art Written by Peter Snoad; directed by Kelly Haydon Two strangers in a gallery share their views about an abstract piece of art. With Andrea Alton, Tim Intravia, and Scott Klavan. Some are People Written by Kathleen Warnock; directed by Mark Finley It's a different kind of summer in Provincetown for 2 regulars and the interesting woman who can even shake up a drag queen. With Janice Mann and Karen Stanion. One of the Great Ones Written by Chris Widney; directed by Jonathan Warman The tried and true grit of a veteran librarian proves that human is better than machine. With Jane Altman and Marc Castle. "Emerging Artists Theatre does one-act play festivals about as well as they can be done" -- Martin Denton, "Well-written plays, a marvelous cast, and superb directing" -- Bryne Harrison,

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