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Evening A - Thursdays & Saturdays 8:00 pm The Pickle Lady Through an unlikely bend in time, a young hipster will get invaluable guidance from her immigrant great-great-grandmother - if only she can persuade her to go meet her future husband. M21/Bellevue A commuter from New Jersey has become a regular on a crosstown bus, as he wrestles with his attraction to the driver. Out of the way at best, this ride may lead straight to Bellevue. The Famine Church The fight to save St. Brigid's is deadly serious for a parish priest, a tireless parishioner, and the developer who sees secular profit in a sacred place. South Delancy A young woman may just find lost love and new hope, if an umbrella seller, a kite flier, and a figure froma hazy past can get her to a street that isn't. Evening B - Fridays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm All Good Cretins Go to Heaven CBGB's is closed. The end of the seventies came and went. But Joey Ramone is still an angel, and his ghost breathes new life into a lost fan. East Sixth between 1st and 2nd In an offbeat comedy, a sheltered young man finds an exotic first love in the colorful shadows of an Indian restaurant, but his father has designs on more than the curry. McGurk's "Suicide Hall" Saloon In 1880,McGurk's was the place for the fallen woman to end it all, but a singing waiter Irving Berlin, show /stunt/conman Steve Brodie, and bootstrapping reporter MacFarland are each ready to make a new start there. McGurk has a lot riding on Brodie's famous jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, McFarland has a career to make on covering the story, , and Berlin can find a song in anything. Tracking Gertrude Tredwell A ghost hunter stalks his quarry in The Merchant's House Museum, in spite of a mysterious curator's skepticism--or maybe her ectoplasm.

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