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A neighborhood's history, vitality, and diversity unfold in the fourth annual installment of East Village Chronicles - a festival of original, short plays. Evening A 60 Guilders Worth In 1600 New Amsterdam, the economic engine of Manhattan gets ignited with scalps and more private parts. Stars Over the East Village In 1969, even the Village couldn't protect a pacifist and an artist from the world he hoped to leave behind. Unresolved An elderly resident must grapple with the loss of his apartment and all the life it contained. Apologies to Vietnam An earnest anthropologist at an East Village noodle shop wants to make amends, with curry. The Old New World In 2107, India, China, and Brazil fight it out for dominance of the lost American empire and maybe a little intercontinental romance. Evening B Parkhurst's Descent In 1892, The Reverend Charles Parkhurst lambasted the city's downtown debauchery, but only when a gumshoe Virgil led this Dante through the circles of Lower Manhattan did he learn what he was condemning first hand. Triangles Everywhere In celebration of her hundredth birthday, Sonia Kessler reveals her true identity as Miriam Goldstein, and the Lower East Side disaster that changed her life. Quiet Howl A young banker meets the spirit of Ginsburg in the bohemian and the radical mix of today's L.E.S. Age of Discovery In 1958, an idealistic principal wants to promote a neighborhood student to national honors, but only if she'll break her ties with the street life that she calls home. Sheila Mom A performance artist glimpses his approaching middle age, and looks for inspiration from a bohemian aunt who has been there already.

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