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A new work from Vit Horejs. Don Juan by Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater, adapted and directed by Vit Horejs from an anonymous play of itinerant puppeteers. Also Known As Don Giovanni, Don Sajn, Don Shayn & Don J Or Two Grooms for one Bride Or Killing Two Fathers with One Sword Or Else the Unabreviated True Tragycal Scandalous Story of hys Innumerable Crimes and Gallant Exployts and How That Most Notoryous and Dissolute Libertine and Patricide Came to His Untymelye End In the Eternal Fyre of the Unfathomable Flamyng Pytt of Perdytion after He had Wooed His Promised Spouse for the Second Tyme in The Grave Yard on The Tombstone of her Unjustlie Murdered Father Whom He Invyted to a Twelve-Course Dinner And How he Came to Bytterlie Regret This Caper.

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