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It's been 15 years since Orestes, now 18 years old, escaped death in Argos. His father, Agamemnon, was not so lucky, having been murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra (Orestes' mother), and her lover, Aegistheus, who is now king. Orestes' sister, Electra, has dreamed of revenge all these years, and has awaited the return of her brother in the hope that he will exact vengeance. All this is overseen by Zeus, god of flies and death. The approach is reminiscent of Jean-Paul Sartre's The Flies, but whereas Sartre's piece is his adaptation of The Oresteia as interpreted through the lens of his world--World War II, the German occupation of France and his forming philosophy of Existentialism--Dipteracon adapts the classic through the lens of our world. The company suggests that this includes "The possible beginning of World War III, the judicially-appointed occupation of the White House and our forming philosophy of Rock 'N Roll." Schedule Thursday, April 17 Opening 10:00pm Friday, April 18 Show 10:00pm Saturday, April 19 Show 10:00pm Sunday, April 20 Show 5:30pm Wednesday, April 23 Show 8:00pm Thursday, April 24 Show 10:00pm Friday, April 25 Show 10:00pm Saturday, April 26 Show 10:00pm Sunday, April 27 Closing 5:30pm

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