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A physical theatre feast for the soul that's simultaneously raw and well-done, Deadpandaemonium is presented in two, user-friendly segments of theatre in which the characters have all-consuming desires with a cause-and effect relationship to one another: Devils in the Details - A lab technician is attempting to train two obsessively territorial test subjects to assemble the text in a news crawl when he accidentally summons the Devil when pressing a mysterious, never- before- seen, red button. Who knew the Devil was so fond of carrots? Deviates From the Master Plan - A mermaid is stuck out of water, her blindfolded and handcuffed servant is stealing water from a hapless archer who is attempting to transport it from one side of the stage to the other. The Tenuous Equilibrium unravels when a man in large pants intrudes needing water for his potted geranium.

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