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Couples consists of eight short two-character plays, all which have received multiple productions in festivals across the country, winning such awards as the Tennessee Williams Playwriting Competition and Palm Springs National Short Play Festival Circle's Choice Award. Matterhorn is the winner of 2005 Palm Springs National Short Play Festival Circle's Choice Award. Waiting in line at Disneyland, a husband and wife bicker until the husband comes up with a novel solution to their marital woes. In Class Dismissed, when a college professor involved in a scandal is forced to leave campus, one of his students arrives in his office with a provocative question. In Lion Tamer, a woman selling her home gives a man a tour, but the conversation soon shifts from "for sale" to foreplay. Afternoon Sun is the winner of 1998 Tennessee Williams Playwriting Competition. When a man and a woman meet in a hotel room for a tryst, the woman gets her needs met not by the man but from a surprising source. Heart of the Fire tells the story of a waitress in an East Village bar who gets an unwanted visit from a man she knows, with a request she'd rather not hear. In Oh Happy Day, two men in a long-term relationship unwind at home after work. One is political and the other has a surprise present for him. Invisible Woman gives us a nuanced look into the multilayered thoughts and emotions of a shy women when her self-satisfied boyfriend asks, "How are you?" In Right Sensation an anxious man and eager woman who have met at a bar end up in her apartment, both hoping for sex but ending up with something more.

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