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Meet today's Alpha Male. A man whose genius propels him into redefining man's evolution by breaking the boundaries of Natural Law. The Messiah of the New World Order...Jim. In a small town in Kansas, a young genius is rescued from the grip of alcoholism and obscurity by his muse, Lisanne, who infatuated by recreating him into the banner of human altruism she envisions, blindly becomes his disciple. Seeing himself through her eyes and armed with unusual intellectual prowess Jim discovers the formula to ultimate power and begins experimenting with the boundaries of natural law. He meets his alpha female, Claire, and broadens his psychopathic version of enlightenment by creating worldwide entropy. Chrysalis is written by producer and founder of Prester John Productions, Adam Mantell. A. Tyler Chase directs. There are additional performances Tuesday Oct. 7 & Wednesday Oct. 8 at 7pm.

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