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In Calthropia, a new musical comedy by Tom Kleh, two worlds collide as a group of contemporary businessmen planning a corporate take-over are seized by 18th century pirates, then accused of stealing their treasure. Horace T. Calthrop, president of CalCorp, is scouting a location for a pirate-themed amusement park down at the Jersey Shore with Conway, his back-stabbing VP and Ms. Bratwaller, his savvy executive assistant. On the horizon, they spy a pirate ship caught in the Bermuda Triangle two hundred years earlier that has resurfaced. The bandits, believing they're still in the 1700s, capture the suits and take them aboard their vessel. On board, they meet Captain Quick, who thinks the executives are missionaries, but then decides that they must be royalty and begins to treat them as such, until he discovers his treasure is missing. Student rush tickets for $12.00 are available one hour before the performance.

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