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A circus clown running over an abusive child with his clown car? Johnny Cash struggling to escape from an obnoxious back-up singer? A father-to-be rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital? and more? David Matthew Engel presents Bad-Ass Clown: A One-Man Evening of Mostly Comic Mime. With nothing but a bare stage and a stool, David brings to life seven characters that wrestle to maintain control in extraordinary situations. Each of the numerous pieces explores the realms of mime and physical comedy put to music. An eclectic, witty, and quick moving set of short plays, Bad-Ass Clown is performed to sounds ranging from Radiohead to Johnny Cash to George Gershwin. Schedule Friday 8/8 at 5pm Saturday 8/9 at 7pm Sunday 8/10 at 6pm Monday 8/11 at 9:45pm Saturday 8/16 at noon Sunday 8/17 at 9:45pm Saturday 8/23 at 9:45pm

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