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Brockton Productions presents Atta Boy Zimmy, by Brad Zimmerman. The show tells the story of one man's journey to funny -- from Camp Aquiba in the Poconos to restaurants around the city and now to The Flea. If you've ever been a waiter, you'll want to see this! A hilariously funny and incredibly moving show about Brad and all the opportunities not taken. Brad's mom: "You don't want to work for your father? You don't want the Florida territory?" Brad's mom to her friends: "If all goes well, Brad is going to buy a bookcase." The girls who slipped out of his hands, including the love of his life who ended up in Scarsdale "Which is OK. If you like that sort of thing." Not to mention the annoying customers he has served "I'll take...Give me...Let me have..." His rejoinder to the customer who yells, "I'm in a hurry!" Brad says, "So go!" It's a heartwarming, deliciously funny show about Brad and work, Brad and his studio apartment, Brad and his mom, and most touchingly, Brad and his dad, the man who first shouted from behind a backstop at his son's baseball game: "ATTA BOY, ZIMMY! ATTA BOY, ZIMMY!" Zimmy has come a long way from taking orders, although he can still be seen at the Chat 'N Chew on 16th Street taking an occasional shift. This April and May, he appeared on The Sopranos. He opens for Joan Rivers around the country. Come take a look at his world.

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