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"Not since Circle Repertory have we seen playwrights in New York forging a home for each other." - 2005 Obie Citation In Gary Winter's haunting and darkly humorous new play, At Said, a mother, Sybil, writes out the experiences of her childhood spent under an oppressive regime, trying to convey her story to her daughter Darra. Set in a tenement that might be Brooklyn but could be anywhere, the mother and daughter negotiate the treacherous waters of memory, history and family. As Darra's boyfriend plays Baby Doc in the tenement hallways and a mysterious super, Mr. Carlos, lurks nearby, Darra's world spirals into nightmare. Directed Tim Farrell, At Said features Lia Aprile, Gilbert Cruz, Marissa Echeverria, Vedant Gokhale, and Anita Hollander. The set design is by Sue Rees, the costume design is by Meghan Healey, the sound design is by Jody Elff and the lighting design is by Andrew Hill. Mariana Newhard is Producer for P#4 and Maria Goyanes is Supervising Producer for 13P. 13P (Thirteen Playwrights, Inc.) is a collective of playwrights that realizes full productions of new plays. The plan is to produce 13 plays, one by each member of the group, who serves as the company's artistic director during the production of his or her play. 13P is Sheila Callaghan, Erin Courtney, Madeleine George, Rob Handel, Ann Marie Healy, Julia Jarcho, Young Jean Lee, Winter Miller, Sarah Ruhl, Kate E. Ryan, Lucy Thurber, Anne Washburn, and Gary Winter. Schedule Saturday - Monday, May 13-15 at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, May 17-June 4 at 8:30 p.m. Additional performance Sunday, June 4 at 8:30 p.m

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