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Escapist Productions, Incorporated presents the premiere of Andrea Ciannavei?s newest play, Art Outside, loosely based on the life of Outsider Artist, Judith Scott. The play begins with Penny and Phyllis, twin sisters separated at a very young age. Penny, now a grown woman decides to bring her disabled sister, Phyllis to live near her and to work at the City Center for the Disabled, in hopes of re-establishing a connection to her twin that was prematurely severed. The play also examines the effect that Phyllis? presence has on the people who surround her life. Victor Perez, the cut and dry nurse who hates all art beginning with Willem de Kooning; Wendy Chatt, a freelance writer who can?t escape the black hole of her neuroses to actually write something of interest for the general public, and Victoria Manne, a gallery owner who was once a painter and now only shows ?painters who can?t paint.? Or ?Outside Art,? if you prefer diplomacy. Laura Somers directs.

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