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Fresh off its European debut in September, Firebrand Theory Theater Company presents its holiday season play, a re-imagination of George Bernard Shaw's comedic classic, Androcles and the Lion. Firebrand Theory's re-creation Androcles and the Lion - A War of the Cross sets the comedy during the brutality of the Crusades, when the Pope declared a crusade against Islam. Shaw's Androcles and the Lion is a story of a Christian who flees persecution in Rome, then befriends a lion after pulling a painful thorn from its paw. Captured by Caesar's men, Androcles is ordered to the Coliseum to face the lions as punishment. As Androcles enters the ring to be sacrificed, he is recognized and warmly received by the same lion he had helped. While Shaw's play featured Romans persecuting Christians during the age of the Roman Empire, Firebrand Theory's production portrays Christians hunting Muslims during the Crusades. For group sales, please call 212-696-6566.

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