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"add : infinitum" is a performance of contemporary dance revealing a sojourn of the human experience through movement, sound, and culture. add : infinitum investigates and exposes roads to individuation using Joseph Campbell's philosophy of the "Hero's Journey." Drawing upon elements found in all of our shared traditions, "add : infinitum" seeks to transcend division without excluding uniqueness. Understanding the heroic journey found within all mythologies, add : infinitum explores thresholds and departures, moves through voids and returns with experiences that are vital to our communities. The movement, expressive and raw, intersects with landscapes of traditional/world music, and creates an emotional energy that cuts through and resonates within the intimate theatre space. "add : infinitum" weaves T E A's two choreographer's, Sahar Javedani and Ella Ben-Aharon, styles and approaches. Sahar's background in theater influences her movement greatly. Her strong gesture based vocabulary along with a great deal of cultural specific mannerisms and aesthetics including her technical talents in costume and set design are what make her work profound, detail oriented, and witty. Ella's choreography is informed by great kinetic and somatic awareness in conjunction with a vibrant surprising musicality. Ella's work possesses a keen sensitivity to human nature and a deep emphasis on creating an embracing and provocative atmosphere; which makes Ella's work technically challenging and emotionally transcending both for the performers and the audience. Appropriate For All Ages

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