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Performance Space 122 presents the world premiere of The National Theater of the United States of America's ABSN:RJAB* (*Abacus Black Strikes Now!: The Rampant Justice of Abacus Black). The show is a Molotov cocktail of dance, text, sound and image. In it, a band of holy Hellions traipse across the countryside with an ancient living relic they hold hostage. Under the protection of a billion swarming angels, they search for the fabled city of gold, while the devil himself walks among them in everyday clothes. A mythical religious crusade, an encroaching zombie menace and the enticing specter of a golden city merge into a shoe-string spectacle of song and dance never before experienced in a professional theater. ABSN:RJAB tells the story of the notorious 600-year-old knight and crusader Abacus Black as recounted in his Book of Rampant Justice, and how a small community of zealots with a unified vision can defy an entire nation of corpse-eating zombies and make it to the Promised Land.

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