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HERE, in arrangement with the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, presents Ablution, a visual musing on the ridiculous nature of the rituals of femininity. The piece is co-written by Bertie Ferdman and Suzi Takahashi, and created and performed by Bertie Ferdman, Kiyoko Kashiwagi, Paula Salomon, and Suzi Takahashi. Video by: Julien Jourdes. Combining the 1940s pop art pin-up girl world of Gil Elvgren and the common garden leech, the performance is a humorous and startling view of the fine line between what is beautiful and what is grotesque. In a Vaudevillian series of thematically linked dances, songs, and pantomimes, the audience meets three headless ladies under the hairdryers of a salon, a sequined clad lounge singer, a gorgeous woman whose beauty products cause her to explode, and several gum chewing girls. A chorus of grape-vining maidens serve as our tour guides in devolution, heralding our preened ladies back to their inner primordial leech.

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