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500 Clown infuses the holiday season with jaw-dropping hilarity, off the hook festivity, and twisted tales of horror and delights. 500 Clown is the award-winning company that wields circus arts, improvisation, and action-based performance to produce theatre that catapults the performers into extreme physical and emotional risk. Their work shifts the audience from passive to active observers and creates a super-charged environment that celebrates the unpredictable power of the moment. Composer/musician John Fournier joins 500 Clown to create 500 Clown Christmas, a clown-rock-pop-jazz-theatre-concert-party(!) ... Diving into the dark and light sides of the all consuming consumer-driven yet still surprisingly touching Christmas season, 3 clowns and a 3 piece band throw a celebration to make Fezziwig proud, complete with a holiday toast, gift-giving, and original live music written by the incisive John Fournier.

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