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Summer Rock is world premiere new musical set in the past, present and future. Edge and his friends discover a way to travel into the past, but they will need to travel into the future facing their greatest challenge in a race against time to save Hannah, Edge’s younger sister. The roller coaster ride of the summer has just begun!

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Dates: Opening Night: August 11, 2016 Final Performance: August 14, 2016


Zak Ketcham Edge (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Andrew Faria Kid B (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Sydney Carreiro HT (Portalites Cast)
Chasida Alexa Taylor HT (Burning Rock Cast)
Rebecca Millevoi LUV (Portalites Cast)
Riley Finkle LUV (Burning Rock Cast)
Victoria Lily Robertson Dia (Portalites Cast)
Kristen Smith Dia (Burning Rock Cast)
Alivia Sarah Orama Hannah (Portalites Cast)
Vivienne Coletta Hannah (Burning Rock Cast)
Alexander Watkins-Lopez Nefarious (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Pedro Coppeti Great Great Grandson (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Bryan Radtke Great Great Grandfather (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Skip Robinson Elvis Presley/Doctor (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Anna Veres Chichi (Portalites Cast)/ Traveler (Burning Rock Cast)
Athena Psihudakis Chichi (Burning Rock Cast)/ Traveler (Portalites Cast)
Brielle Hannah Orama Penny (Portalites Cast)
Jessie Dawn Panaro Penny (Burning Rock Cast)/ Traveler (Portalites Cast)
Rebecca Ruttle Mrs. Edgemont/Teacher (Portalites Cast)
Colleen Sproull Mrs. Edgemont/Teacher (Burning Rock Cast)
Amanda Witowski Nurse (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Maya Gairo Traveler (Portalites Cast)
Domenic John Panaro Traveler (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)
Marina Brabender Traveler (Burning Rock Cast)
Sophia Dreyer Traveler (Burning Rock Cast)
Vanessa Urzia Traveler (Burning Rock Cast)
Nico Morejon Security Guard (Portalites and Burning Rock Casts)

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