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Two one-act musicals based on “A Sunny Morning” by the Quintero brothers and “The Bear” by Chekhov. Adaptation, music and lyrics are by Paul Dick who has produced such play as “Madam Bovery” “Moses my Love” and many more. . Celine Rosenthal will direct this play, with music direction by Ming Aldrich-Gan.

In Once, an elderly woman and an elderly man meet in a park in Madrid. They squabble over the exclusive ownership of a park bench, then finally agree to share the bench. They strike up a conversation about each ones’ youth, about the young loves they once had, but who now are dead. Without telling each other, they realize that the person sitting with them on the bench is, in fact, the long lost love of their youths, still alive. Set to charming music and lyrics “Once”, “A Sunny Morning” and “30 Years Ago” by Paul Dick.

Twice, is a stormy romantic comedy in sharp contrast to Once. A young widow is in mourning at the death of her much older husband, a drunken womanizer. A neighboring landowner, bursts into the mourning woman’s home, demanding immediate repayment of a loan he lent to her husband. She refuses and he refuses to leave until paid. Their fiery interaction boils up to the point that he challenges her to a duel. He is awed by her fearless gumption, falls hopelessly in love with her – all to a hilarious score by Mr. Dick.

Featuring songs like “Faithful forever”, “If the answer is No” and “Woe”.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 16, 2014 Final Performance: June 1, 2014

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