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After their sold-out 2001 performance at Japan Society, the exhilarating all-male dance troupe, Condors, returns to New York City with Mars: Conquest of the Galaxy II. Presented as part of the Japan Society's season theme Cool Japan: Otaku Strikes!, choreographer Ryohei Kondo fuses slapstick, dance, video, and wild theatrics to create an evening of unstoppable pop culture pyrotechnics. Taking stage in their typical Gakuran, the standard black Japanese uniform for school boys, Condors offer another dazzling round of their bold, frenetic and kitschy aesthetic. Featuring all-new material delivered within a fast-paced episodic structure, Mars: Conquest of the Galaxy II is part performing arts extravaganza and part TV variety show spun out of control. The company has been compared to Monty Python, The Beatles, and "Saturday Night Live", but a live Condors experience is uniquely and uproariously their own.

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