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Join us before the show in our Music Venue and experience our full from the comfort of your concert seats. We offer the unique opportunity to enjoy dinner throughout the performance and encourage you to arrive early and "Indulge Your Senses" with wine, music and great food!

Born in the Southern city of Kiryat Gat, Ninet was the middle child in a family of five siblings. Music wasn't just a hobby or cultural cache for the young Ninet, it was the place where she felt she belonged. A shy kid, her voice became the essential tool for how she communicated with the rest of her community and – more importantly – with herself. "My nature is to be alone. I find solace and peace in music," she says. Ninet would run home from school, lock herself in her bedroom with nothing but a cassette player and listen to the songs she'd record off the local radio. She fell asleep at night with her headphones on. She knew from the youngest age that she wanted to be a singer. "My singing teachers were Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston," she says. "I had a mission and the mission was to reach the high notes."

While training herself to sing and performing locally, she also began to obsess over a wide array of music: from Nirvana to Pearl Jam, PJ Harvey to Janis Joplin, Chris Cornell to Joy Division. She and her friends would take a day trip up north to Tel Aviv to scope out record stores and music scenes, before heading back down south. The discovery of new music, new bands, new sounds became an addiction, and when Ninet found an artist with whom she felt a deep connection she had a tendency to go a little too deep. Joy Division and PJ Harvey specifically were huge eye-openers.

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