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Join us before the show in our Music Venue and experience our full from the comfort of your concert seats. We offer the unique opportunity to enjoy dinner throughout the performance and encourage you to arrive early and "Indulge Your Senses" with wine, music and great food!

Nicki Bluhm has no blood relation to Cher but throughout her life she has felt an undeniable kinship. It all started in 1985 when she was a six-year-old girl standing in line with her mother at a Northern California supermarket. Looking up at the magazine racks with big brown doe-eyes, Nicki saw her mother on the cover of the National Enquirer…or so she thought. The striking resemblance between Cher and her own mother left a lasting impression. Cher became like a distant relative in her childlike imagination. As life went on, Nicki continued watching films starring Cher; her favorites being Mask, ‪The Witches of Eastwick, Mermaids, and, of course, her mother's favorite movie ‪Moonstruck with Cher playing an Italian-American (like Nicki) who begrudgingly falls in love with a man that's hard to love.

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