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Belgian director Jan Fabre's monumental masterpiece, Mount Olympus: To Glorify the Cult of Tragedy (A 24-Hour Performance), will have its North American premiere with a one-time-only performance at NYU Skirball on November 10-11. Mount Olympus is a graphic, Dionysian orgy of madness, murder and that invites audiences to join its 27 performers in a transformative, 24-hour catharsis. It is a hallucinatory, modern vision of Homeric themes and characters, blending dance, poetry, and music with stories of murder, rampant sexuality, death, and raving madness.

Mount Olympus is performed without intermission, for 24 hours straight, allowing audiences and performers share a vivid emotional connection. The outside world is shut out, and time plays a leading role. The performers wake and sleep onstage, and rest areas will be set up in the NYU Skirball lobbies for audience members who wish to nap. Coffee, food, yoga, Tarot readings, relaxation activities, and other events will be available.

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