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Welcome back to your favorite rent-controlled Greenwich Village apartment with the six friends you still can't get over. Join the famous gang from Friends in the parody I Was There for You. The 1990s sitcom pivots back into your lives in this original musical comedy. Hear beloved moments from the show musicalized with songs such as "Unagi," "When Were You Under Me?", "The Chandler Bing Job Interlude," and of course, "I Was There for You!" If you would love to hear Joey rap, Phoebe riff, or a caffeinated six-part harmony, could this be a better show for you? I Was There for You features original music and lyrics by Rachel Lind, a book by Rachel Goddard, and orchestrations by Steven Esposito.

Note: This concert musical parody of the hit TV show Friends is unofficial, unauthorized, and unassociated with Warner Brothers Entertainment.

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