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One superpower on the rise, the other sprawled in decadence face off in a world gone mad with craving in the most formidable game of games. Hope for a new world keeps on burning out. Nobody can look forward. The West trumpets the triumph of its militant, evangelical capitalism. Pumping brands like dreams, but never fast enough. A technocratic modernism rages with the zeal of a crusade. In the land of the Dragons, the working masses turn in desperation to a cult of atavism-worship of past glory. One disaster of the mythic Shaolin Temple gets remastered from its darkest hour. There's a mad rush~mass craving to return to greatness and to crush all competition. One villain, once invincible, gets resurrected as the Quintessential Warrior in the battle of the centuries against an Unstoppable Onslaught. This is the titanic clash of Dragon Vs. Eagle. Dragon Vs. Eagle: Enter the White Barbarians! is presented in conjunction with the National Asian American Theater Festival.

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