About This Show

Adam Roth, a talented guitarist, composer and writer, presents Big Daddy Addy’s Variety Revue at Arlene’s Grocery. Addy gets two comics a week. With weekly surprise guests, like Colin Quinn, Denis Leary, Jim Gaffigan, dropping by, you never know who will show up. Plus the dancing stylings of Nan and her Boys. Adam and his band, The Jaded Six, hosts this monster evening of head bangin’ belly laughs, in addition to providing a bit of the Adam Roth Challenge for the audience to play along, “Stump the Band”. This challenge is to pick a song, and if Adam and his band can’t play a verse or a chorus, you win a prize! It’s kind of like if Bob Hope and Paul McCartney had a kid, and he had his own show; this is exactly what Adam has in mind.

“Think Daffy Duck meets Pete Townsend and you have a show that rocks” – NY Press

“A smart-ass extraordinaire… and quite a fine guitarist.” – TimeOut New York

“Adam Roth has more talent in his little finger than in his ring-finger!” – Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show”

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Dates: Final Performance: May 29, 2005