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Antibalas is an afrobeat juggernaut, reincarnated as a hard-hitting collective of musicians in New York City. The unique Afrobeat sound, unites highlife, jazz, funk, and traditional African elements with unabashed political messages. Antibalas — which means “anti-bullets” or “bullet-proof” — shoots out monstrous horns and bass layered over polyrhythmic beats coupled with furious lyrics inciting insurrection in English, Yoruba and Spanish.
Burnt Sugar is “the world’s second fully improvisational acid funk band,” bringing together a bevy of guitarists, keyboardists, percussionists and vocalists for exploratory groove-based group improvisations ranging from jazz-rock fusion to trip-hop, jungle and ambient house music. Burnt Sugar summon overlapping echoes of George Clinton, the electric Miles Davis of Get Up With It, Lee Perry’s dark magic at Black Ark Studios, plantation blues and gangsta hip-hop (minus the gats and ‘hos).
The NuBlu Orchestra is the quintessential Nouveau-Avant art music, coming out of the fertile electro-acoustic nu-world-jazz scene centered at Alphabet City’s club Nublu. This music is completely surprising and simply overwhelming…building the most incredible crossings of styles, the music is genuine…creates moving, beautiful music while conjuring the unknown.
Part of Joe’s Pub in the Park Series

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Dates: One Night Only: August 21, 2004