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Stones in his Pockets, Marie Jones’ award winning play, tells the story of what happens to a small Irish village in County Kerry when a Hollywood film crew moves in. The entire community has been recruited as background in a contrived historical romance about an Ireland that never was, and they’re all eager for the chance at an easy paycheck, a few free meals and a brush with celebrity.

The action is seen through the eyes of Charlie, a former video rental store
owner with a screenplay in his back pocket and Jake, another chronically
unemployed local. This cast of two also portray another 13 roles between them, including: Caroline Giovanni, the glamorous movie star who has an eye for the ‘natives’; Old Mickey, the only surviving extra from “The Quiet Man” who almost dies of a heart attack at the thought of attending a funeral where no alcohol will be available; Simon the First Assistant Director whose authority is always being undermined, although unintentionally, by Aisling, his flirtatious Production Assistant… as well as a host of other extraordinary local characters. The play is directed by Gary Martins with Stephen Cole Hughes as Jake, and Richard Furlong as Charlie.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 2, 2004 Final Performance: April 25, 2004