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The Robber Bridegroom is set in America’s rough-and-tumble past, just about the time our Founding Fathers were creating our new nation. But the folks in the Natchez Trace weren’t drafting a Constitution. No, they were lying, thieving, killing, and screwing. This wasn’t the America of waistcoats, powdered wigs, and British tea. This was the real America — rough, dangerous, uncivilized, lustful, and real damn funny. Underneath its raw, bawdy humor, the show explores America’s self-delusion that we’ve civilized out of ourselves our animal natures, our still strong primal urges toward sex and violence. And in this increasingly sexualized culture, in which cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common, this tale about physical beauty and lust is more relevant than it has ever been before — and it reminds us that nothing has really changed…

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Dates: Opening Night: March 3, 2005 Final Performance: March 26, 2005

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