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The year of special events starts off with a two-night-only presentation of the world premiere of the horror musical The Amberklavier from composer-author Eric Dienstfrey, the same twisted mind that brought us last season’s She’s Hideous. Set in a decadent world where everyone is a criminal, The Amberklavier tells the gruesome tale of an honest man’s quest to curb his methamphetamine addiction even if it means he has to prove he’s God, run from The Angel of Death, and kill a stripper along the way.

In the end, The Amberklavier is a confrontational piece that examines just how far someone is willing to go to deny responsibility for his or her actions. And unlike most frightening tales that may only startle and spook, The Amberklavier aims to terrify you.

Tickets only available at the door.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: October 25, 2005 Final Performance: October 26, 2005

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