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Bold Girls, written by Rona Munro, depicts the drama of everyday life for three women of Belfast – the wives and mothers that battle to keep their marriages and families together as the forces of politics and violence clash just beyond their doors. The show portrays the very human cost exacted by political strategies, not simply in terms of those who lose their lives in the crossfire, but also for the survivors who are left to put things back together in the wake of the “collateral damage.” The Daily Mail says of the play, “Rona Munro’s ear for the authentic cut and thrusts of Belfast’s unsung heroines is sharp, abrasive and at times downright painful… It is also celebratory and funny.”

Bold Girls is being presented as part of the St. Louis Political Theatre Festival.

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Dates: Opening Night: October 6, 2006 Final Performance: October 22, 2006
Location: Center of Contemporary Arts, Missouri

524 Trinity Ave,

St Louis,


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