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In Lance Armstrong's Steroid-Pumped Comedy Revue: A Cheater's Guide to Winning, the Brave New Workshop takes on liars and cheaters in all their forms and continues the theatre's long tradition of taking on the hot-button issues of the day with a mix of hilarious original sketch comedy and biting satire. With four of BNW's best and brightest actors taking the stage, Lance Armstrong's Steroid-Pumped Comedy Revue will be an all-guts, all-glory production sure to cross the (finish) line. "Now that Lance Armstrong has shown the world that doping is the new black, the Brave New Workshop is exploring cheating and dishonesty in all their many forms," says director Caleb McEwen. "It turns out that the only person to ever ride a bike in France while not hopped up on drugs is Mitt Romney."

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