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Sometimes, a title manages to say both everything and nothing about what happens over the course of a play. While it is true that Celeste and her companion, Starla the starfish, do, in fact, save Todd and win back the day, the series of events that lead them there is almost unpredictable. Celeste - a Nancy Drew meets Alice-in-Wonderland detective (of sorts), has a mystery on her calendar marked with a capital M. Her adventure takes her all over the place - to Rio and back again - and the wild and zany cast of characters that she and Starla meet provide a boat-load of surprises each moment of this whimsical play. Little does she know, however, that she'll fall in love on this detective adventure… and woefully learn that her "future husband" is actually in love with a Handyman. Awaken your imagination with this hilarious and playful romp (not for children)!

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