Max Richter With the American Contemporary Music Ensemble

Max Richter With the American Contemporary Music Ensemble

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One of the most influential composers of his generation, Max Richter stands as a pivotal figure on the contemporary music scene. His works cross boundaries and genres, encompassing solo artist albums, ballets, concert hall performances, cinema and television scores, video art installations, and theater works. Over the last two decades, Richter has brought his emotive sensibility to a series of ambitious projects – among them, a reimagining of Vivaldi’s violin concertos, the landmark nine-hour album Sleep and his score for Wayne McGregor’s ballet Woolf Works – along with acclaimed solo records tackling human rights, migration and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. After spending many years grappling with big ideas and thorny social and political questions, the making of his latest album, In A Landscape, has opened up another, greener world for Richter. Making music remains, above all, “a way to make a kind of alternate reality,” a constructed world “where everything is in its place.”

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Dates: One Night Only: April 26, 2025
Location: Emerson Colonial Theatre, Massachusetts

106 Boylston St,



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