Festival of New Voices

About This Show

Our second annual Festival of New Voices,
featuring public staged readings of plays by our New Voices fellows.

Distant Neighbors – A fun, space-age love story about a group of suburban neighbors who don’t know each other until an alien spaceship crashes into their backyards. After its arrival, they get to know each other a lot better and a lot faster, than they ever expected (or wanted to).

Protocol – A dark comedy set in a dangerous and volatile world. Richard Hook is a young man dragged from his home by armed men and taken to a secret location, where he is grilled by a series of interrogators about his supposed connections to a dangerous terrorist. As Richard maintains his innocence, his questioners seem more concerned with their bureaucratic infighting than in finding out the truth. But perhaps truth is better left hidden, as Richard learns to his horror that no one is truly guiltless, least of all himself.

Gravity – Fan has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), but that’s far from the only thing on her mind: her father is becoming increasingly forgetful, her ex-husband is flirting with her, and her dead mother visits her after hours. Gravity is about family and the things that bind us together
across time and space.

Reconsidering Hanna(h) – Hanna is a brutally blunt international journalist, driven by her work and struggling to come to terms with her husband’s violent death. She takes on a seemingly tame assignment close
to home while trying to put her life back together, and becomes increasingly obsessed with uncovering the history of another Hannah: the infamous Hannah Dustin kidnapped by Indians in 1697. Soon the individual stories of the two Hanna(h)s, separated by the centuries, begin to merge into one portrait of a smart woman torn from the only world she knows, refusing to let circumstances dictate her fate.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: May 19, 2013 Final Performance: May 22, 2013