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Ark Theatre Company presents a rotating repertory run of The Ugly Man, The Maids, and The Erpingham Camp. The Ugly Man, loosely based on The Changeling, is Brad Fraser's rooler-coaster ride exploring lust, revenge, and the nature of beauty. WIth virginity potions, ghosts, and ambiguous sexuality, nothing is what it seems. The Maids is a humorous and sexual exploration of Jean Genet's Theater of the Absurd. Two domestic workers, resentful of their inferior social positions, try to revenge themselves by destroying their employer. When their attempt fails, they dream of murder, little aware of the true power behind their darkest fantasy. Why is Ted doing the can-can without his trousers? What does Tarzan wear when he's cold? What is Mr. Erpingham's master plan? These are all answered in Joe Orton's The Erpingham Camp. The play presents a story of Revolution against Tyranny in the context of a summer leisure camp for British holiday-makers.

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