Murder on the Bounding Main

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It’s May, 1953 on the ocean liner The Bounding Main, somewhere in the North Atlantic. One of the passengers, a famous right-wing celebrity gossip columnist, has been shot down in cold blood. Who would want to kill someone who fit his description? We could start the list of suspects with every performing artist and professional athlete on both coasts, but seeing as how the killing has taken place on an ocean liner in mid-cruise, the number of possible suspects is considerably whittled down. Still, who done it? And, just as crucially, why?As luck would have it, ace detective Mordecai Pierce is honeymooning on the ship with his charming bride and former assistant Teresa. He’s called upon to solve the mysterious murder. He’s fortunate to have Teresa helping him for two reasons: (a) he gets violently seasick, and (b) she’s smarter than he is. Who killed the gossip columnist? Is it (a) the movie star; (b) his sexually ambiguous personal assistant; (c) the gossip columnist’s person Friday, who will likely take over his column; (d) the cheesy stand-up comic; (e) the scrumptious singer; (f) the elderly tourist who might better be called a fellow traveler; or (g) the Captain, for reasons of his own? Will Mordecai and Teresa be able to find the killer before he/she strikes again? Besides, the voyage will only last for so along, and the just-marrieds need to get back to their honeymoon.
If you love mysteries that also sparkle with laughs, then Murder On The Bounding Main is for you.

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Dates: Opening Night: January 16, 2009 Final Performance: February 21, 2009

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