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Scapin is the ultimate escape artist. He has spent his entire career as
a servant devising ways out of predicaments. Sometimes these
predicaments are of his own making, sometimes not. But that hardly
matters, because he’s likely to be beaten hard about the head and
shoulders if he doesn’t sort things out, no matter whose predicament it
is. He has friends, he has accomplices, and he has an employer. None of
them are terribly reliable, which makes it hard. On the other hand, most
of Scapin’s associates are incredibly stupid. He can work with that.

Performed in two parts on alternating days, Scapin brings together a cast of 9 actors performing in the tradition of true Elizabethan theatre — so be ready for improvisational comedy, clowning and audience

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Dates: Opening Night: June 27, 2007 Final Performance: September 1, 2007