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A lusty, brawling comedy of love and courtship, The Taming of the Shrew captivated audiences for centuries. This comical tale follows the family of a wealthy Paduan gentleman, Minola Baptista, and his two "charming" daughters, Katherine and Bianca. Katherine, despite her natural physical beauty, possesses a sharp tongue and an ill temper, chasing away any man who dares to court her. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Katherine's younger sister, Bianca, who exudes the very essence of feminine grace and beauty. The youngest of Baptista's daughters makes it unmistakably clear that she wishes to be wooed by all available Paduan men of high social stature; unfortunately for the young damsel (as well as her admirers), Baptista has refused to offer Bianca's hand to any man until his eldest weds. To the relief or Baptista and Bianca, the daring Petruchio arrives to try his hand at wooing Kate. The remainder of the play follows the "taming of the shrew" as Petruchio and Kate tame the wildcats in each other in the funniest of Shakespearean comedies.

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