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Telling an untold story, The Pollinators presents a unique glimpse into America's commercial migratory bee industry – an industry that is "indispensable to the feeding of America." The documentary is directed by Peter Nelson and produced by Sally Roy and Nelson and Michael Reuter.

The Pollinatorsexamines America's migratory bee industry amidst the widespread issue of bee population decline. Honey bee populations have declined by 30% across America, with especially affected areas experiencing a 60% decline. The struggles of honey bee populations is a complex issue with many contributing factors. Climate change, habitat loss, pesticide use, and varroa mite infestations, all act as major disruptors to honey bees' survival. As an indicator species, the declining health of bee populations is not an isolated event; the struggles of bees indicate a larger imbalance that is inflicting our environment and food chain at-large.

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