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A Notebook for Winter is a two-actor piece which is in three acts and tells the story of an introverted professor of literature who finds a burglar on his way back home. The knife-wielding burglar wants something unexpected from him: It is a question of life or death. During the entire night, the two characters talk, exchange ideas and feelings, and ask painful questions out of hope and desperation in a completely new and unexpected atmosphere. They will meet again years later, both affected by that night.

In Events Horizon, Olga is stuck in a studio apartment, which has a wall with many doors and cupboards, a front door which doesn't open, and no windows. She cannot figure out what has happened. She only knows that she cannot escape. When she tries to open one of the doors on the wall, she immediately comes back from another one and continues to stay there. At some point, however, she realizes that time is messed up and that every time she leaves, she enters a different time of her life.

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