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Spuds Idaho, master Detective, is one tough customer. How tough is he? He’d make Bogie look like a sissy. Everywhere Spuds goes, he runs into gorgeous gals with great gams who are more dangerous than a mountain highway: lots of curves and soft shoulders. Then he has to keep his fists limber to deal with gargantuan gunsels wielding great big gats. Never one to run from a roscoe or a round of fisticuffs, Spuds Idaho is a hard puncher and a hard drinker. Sometimes though, he’s a lover not a fighter.

In this return engagement at Fremont Centre Theatre, Spuds solves two of his most baffling cases. In The Tangled Snarl, Legs Flamingo is ready to hand Spuds a mysterious package when Legs is gunned down. The clue to his demise is his widow, Leslie Detweiler, a woman with “a heavenly body that made you want to get an ‘A’ in Astronomy.” What’s in that package? Will someone in Gangland try and mash Spuds?

In Murder Me Once, a slimeball named Coins Fontaine has cashed in. When his account is now closed. There’s evidence of foul play. Who would want to kill Coins? Everybody! The fingers of suspicion especially point to Coins’ hot young widow, a woman with the kind of shape that makes two great first impressions. Then there’s Coins’ two beautiful grown daughters, one with a Girl Scout fixation; and the other with a head for figures, perched atop a pretty good figure of her own. Watch out, Spuds, danger is everywhere!

James Reynolds, co-artistic director of Fremont Centre Theatre, directs these plays, written by John Rustan and Frank Semerano.

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Dates: Opening Night: September 17, 2004 Final Performance: November 7, 2004