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A true tour de force performance, Women of Will, The Complete Journey is the masterful summation of Founding Artistic Director Tina Packer's 40-odd years spent investigating all things Shakespeare, presented in five different parts. p This riveting combination of scenes and analysis explores love, loss, freedom, control and violence. Packer and acting partner Nigel Gore trace the chronological evolution of Shakespeare's female characters in relation to his own journey and growth as a writer. This version of Women of Will is fully expanded and presented in five parts, giving those who saw the Women of Will Overview last summer a complete look into Packer's stunning examination of Shakespeare's words and world. At two hours a piece, each play stands on its own, and together you will understand more about Shakespeare than you ever thought possible. Patrons should feel free to mix and match the parts (see Part I, then skip ahead to Part III), or see the whole lot and complete a unique marathon that will leave you feeling stunned, enlightened, and wonderfully alive.

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