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Tina Packer directs Shakespeare’s Roman epic with associate director Tony Simotes. In this mecca of organization, military prowess, and political shuffling, one man stands as if he “were author of himself.” In a battalion of elite soldiers, he is a killing-machine, raised only by his devouring mother as an overgrown child…an infant Mars with a sense of honor seemingly beyond reproach. Unwilling to curb his righteous pride in the swirl of political options thrust upon him following his decisive victory at Corioli, Caius Martius is banished from his home by the Senate and its hungry mobs. In desperate response, he joins arms with his beloved arch-enemy, Tullus Aufidius, to shake Rome to its knees.
On the eve of the attack, Martius, begged by his friends and family, makes a mortal decision that will shape the future of Rome — and his own life — unlike any sword ever has before.

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Dates: Opening Night: June 16, 2001 Final Performance: July 13, 2001